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       Dianne Walker, President & CEO

       Dianne Walker, President & CEO

Dianne Walker LLC was created to meet the needs of local businesses and airports both continentally and abroad, by providing consultations, leading and acting as facilitator of meetings, along with support management in the implementation of a strategic plan that caters to the need of the entity.

Dianne Walker has worked in the aviation industry for 26 years, which includes 10 years serving at a general aviation airport and 16 years at a large hub airport in the Midwest.

Dianne has also obtained a Masters in Business Administration from University of Phoenix and a Bachelor's of Science from Michigan State University. She has a strong work ethic and is passionate and meticulous about her work.

With her education and certified training, Dianne combines her unique leadership skill with her experience in project and strategic management to deliver quality service to her clients.

Dianne has been involved with numerous projects which include:

Stakeholder Collaboration

Workshop Coordination and Facilitation

Airport Master Planning

Construction and Rehabilitation Projects

Wildlife Management

Strategic Management and Performance Evaluation

Irregular Operations Planning

Management and Budgeting

Project Management

GAP Analysis

Federal Regulatory Compliance (including FAR Part 139)